Dato: 11. november 1874
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Cambridge, Mass. 11 November 1874

My dear & honored Friend

I am again obliged to ask your pardon for long delay in answering your kind and ever welcome letter of Sep. 16. Many burdens of work have been upon me and I have daily felt compelled to put off my answer.

y our letter lifted a load from my shoulders, for I had felt concerned lest my way of treating the unfortunate matter of a public subscription had been in some sense displeasing to you. I am greatly reassured to find that we both looked upon the matter in the same light. I was troubled by it because of the apparently false position in which it placed you. I was talking only the other day with Mr. Longfellow of it, and he spoke emphatically of the careless, thoughtless way in which well meaning people. sometimes rush forward and meddle with what does not concem them; they think to. do a kindnessbut really only pain.

Your letter which was printed in the Philadelphia Bulletin pleased us all here very much. It was so thoughtful and considerate, so delicate, yet firm that I do not see how any one could mistake the meaning of it. . I do trust that this is the end of an unfortunate misunderstanding and that it will now die out of people's notice.

The Herr Boyesen of whom I spoke, is Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen, one of our contributors to the Atlantic, where he published his pretty story of "Gunnar." Mr. Boyesen is Professor in Cornell University, and revisited Norway his native country last spring and summer. On his return he told us of a pleasant call he made upon you.

My dear wife sends her affectionate regards. Your publishers unite with me in cordial well wishes and I am, as always,

your attached friend


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