Dato: 25. februar 1874
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cambridge, Mass. 25 February 1874

To PROF. H. C. ANDERSEN M Y dear and honored friend:

I wrote you not long since and am hoping soon to have a letter from you. Meanwhile I enclose our semiannual statement with a draft on Brown, Shipley & Co. of London, for fifteen pounds, four shillings and one penny, amount due for copyright, during the past haH year. We always wish when we send your draft, that it were larger, but we have to follow the will of the reading people, and as you will see by the statement, the interest they feel attaches mainly to the stories told for children. Were they more accustomed to think of you as a writer of Romances and Travels, there would not be so much difficulty in inducing them to buy the books, but they have learned of you in childhood and your name is associated almost exclusively thus with your minor tales. Of these there are a great many editions, both English and American, sold in this country. Ours is but one of them, and there are many cheaper editions which prevent ours from reaching a large sale.

I was glad to see mention of you in the London Academy, an extract from a letter by you to Mr. Gosse, telling of your state of health. I was glad to hear news, but could have wished for a more favorable report. When may we look for something new from your pen? Surely you cannot long remain idle!

Accept our kindest regards, in which none joins more heartily than does your sincere friend


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