Dato: 14. august 1873
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cambridge, Mass. 14 August 1873.


Dear and honored friend:

It was a long while that I was without a letter from you, and I feared that the illness which I saw by the papers had visited you, might have proved very serious. Y our cheerful letter relieved my mind and my impulse was to answer it at once, but many concems prevented at the time and now I take advantage of making our semiannual return of copyright money to send my greeting and my wishes for many happy and prosperous years.

The account is not large. We all wish it were more, but for some reason, while your liule stories are called for, thenovels and books af travel are not so well known. People here have somehow the notion that you are only a writer for children and so miss the enjoyment they might have from your larger works. Let us hope that in time a better understanding will prevail. I ought to explain with regard to the first item that the sum paid for these stories is smaller than it would have been by $17.00 as we were obliged to pay that for translation. I have myseH been able to do but little and we have called upon others. The papers and magazines containing the stories I have sent you from time to time.

All that you say of the kindness of your country men to you in time of sickness finds an eeho with us. I was struck with the faet that when you were ill, the news was published very widely; one paper after another, as I took it up, infonned me that Hans Christian Andersen was ill - that he was suHering from inflammation of the eyes-then that he was better - that he had set out on a joumey. Be sure, my dear friend, that the American people have a hearty affection for yon and watch with interest all your fortune.

I hear that Bjomson is coming to this country to live. I hope I may have the pleasure of seeing him. W ould that he might bring you!

A hearty good word is sent you by your publishers and by no one more heartily than by

your attached friend


Enclosed, a statement of a/c to amount of $96.74 with draft on Brown, Shipley & Co. of London for [£] 17/3/10.

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