Dato: 28. december 1872
Fra: Anna Mary Livingstone   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

28th Dec. 1872.

My dearest Hans Andersen,

I was so glad to get your letter, and thank you very much for the paper and photograph.

I was very sorry to see that you have been ill, and hope you will soon be quite well again. My brother says he can simpathize with you, as it is sixteen weeks this morning since he took breakfast downstairs. He is to start for Egypt on Monday.

The picture on this first-page of this sheet, I send you as a specimen of our Highland scenery. It is near the little metropolis of the North of Argyle, Oban.

Do you remember me telling you of my being to the pantomime of "Sinbad the Sailor"? We were at one last Thursday; it was "Blue Beard". Oh, it was magnificent! I could not fancy anything so splendid. The Transformation Seene was on "The beauties of the deep". When the eurtain rose, we were supposed to be under the water. There were the most lovely shells gleaming like pearls, and some like roses from among the equally beautiful seaweeds. The seenes were eonstantly ehanging. There were the great, green rollers or billows, and there was the birth of Venus. She rose, just like wax, out of the sea, and, as we thought, all dripping. It was lovely. It looked so fairy-like, so unreal, as if at a touch it would fall.

I am very glad that my little offering to fue distressed people of Denmark pleased you. I only wish it had been more.

I shall try to get a copy of the photograph that was in Mr. Stanley's locket of my brothers, sister and myself, and send it to you by my next letter.

And now, with much love to yourself, and wishing you a happy New Year, and hoping you will be strong and well again soon, I am your affectionate young friend

Anna Mary Livingstone.

P. S. I am so glad I received your kind letter during holidays, as I am able sooner to answer it. I have not much time after school begins. So good-bye, dear Hans C. Andersen.

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