Dato: 19. april 1872
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cambridge: Mass. 19 April 1872


My dear Friend:

I ought not to have left your kind letter of 26 February so long unanswered, but I had written to you before it came and was shortly expecting an answer. Now I wiIl wait no longer. Your story I began to translate, but my eyes suddenly gave out and to spare myself the using I handed the ms to an excellent Danish scholar. I shall carefully revise it myself before I let it go to press.

May I not hope to receive the latest little volume of your writings when it is ready? We have not yet printed again the Story of M Y Life but when we do I will certainly see that you receive the copies for which you ask. I had a pleasant letter from Mr. Watt the other day and am only waiting to receive from Mr. Longfellow the books of which he speaks to write to our friend. However, I shall not wait many days more, but write whether the books come or not. Pray give him my kind regards. .

Are you in the south now? If you are at Menton[e] I wish much that you might see my dear brother who with his wife and little family is living there this winter at Villa Faraldo II. However he was soon to leave for Montreux, Pension Vautier, so you might not see him, but it would have been a great delight to me if you could meet. Mr. Hurd is also now at Menton[e] I write in haste, but hope soon to write again

Ever faithfully yours


I hope you have long ere this received the second copy of "The Great Sea Serpent" which I sent you.

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