Dato: 4. marts 1872
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cambridge, Mass. 4 March 1872

My dear Friend

I have received your welcome letter of February 9th, though the little book by Mr. Brohn (?) [i. e., Krohn] has not come to hand. I do not know why this is for your letters and the papers seem to come promptly enough. I must thank you for your kindness in sending it to me.

I hope that Mr. Watt will give us a book of sketches, for I am sure from what I saw of him that he must have looked at our country very intelligently and his excellent knowledge of English must have been a great service to him in enabling him to form correct impressions. Will you do me the favor to hand him the enclosed portrait which I promised to send him when I should have any copy.

I hope to have the pleasure next week of giving our working men' s union here a "talk about Andersen" when I shall take your writings and try to give my audience some idea of your life & art. W ould that you were here to read them a story, for I know that I cannot hope to give it so dramatically as yon do. I was delighted with Mr. Watt's account of your reading.

I shall look with pleasure for your new story and shall endeavor to translate it promptly and well. With regard to the new edition of The Story of My Life: you know we stereotype the pages and had just printed an edition before the corrections were made. Tros edition will last some little time, but when we print again the corrections will appear, and I will send you some copies as you request.

I encIose now our account for the last six months of 1871 and a draft on Messrs. Sampson Low, Marston, Low & Searle, Booksellers, 1888 Fleet St. London, for [£] 70/10/6 to cover the amount due you. You will see that the fust item on the account is for "The Great Sea Serpent" in Scribner's Monthly. I have asked the editor to send you another copy.

I beg to send you the best wishes of your publishers and to add roy own special hearty wishes for your enjoyment of the opening Spring.

Sincerely your friend


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