Dato: 23. januar 1872
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cambridge, Mass. 23 January 1872


My dear Friend:

I ought before this to have acknowledged your very kind letter of 10 December, which reached me shortly after New Years' Day and so came as a sort of New Years' gift and greeting. Many thanks for your hearty response to our invitation. We shall not give up looking for you. The winter here is mild and to-day it almost seems as if summer were in the air impatient to get a foothold on the earth. When "Spring comes riding to town" take something better than a white stick, take the cane which has travelled so much and give it a new spectacle in the new world. I had the great pleasure the other day of meeting your friend Mr. Robert Watt. He came to the office with Mr. Longfellow but I was absent and so in the evening I went to Mr. Longfellow's and dined with him. Mr. Watt is what we should call "a right good fellow" and I was sorry he could not stay longer here. He brought your pleasant letter of introduction and I was heartily glad to see him for your sake and for his. I presume you will yourself soon see him. Give him my hearty regards. I had a letter from him yesterday enclosing a photograph of himself & bidding me good bye. As soon as I can get a picture of myself I will write him and send it. I had already written him, please to say, but my note and the little parcel accompanying it have returned to me as he had left New York when they were sent. The parcel was a little book which one of my friends lately wrote and dedicated to you. It was so pretty that I was sure you would be glad to see it. I will send it to you by mail unless some better opportunity comes.

That must have been a charming festival at "Enkedronningens Asyl-Skole." There is one thing I always admired in Denmark the care with which the honor of her great artists is preserved and handed down. Here in America it is mainly the great names in political life that are heard- of most and it is their portraits that most frequently adorn the waIls. Mr. Bagger is to be addressed at The Patriot office, Washington, D. C. (District of Columbia). I learn to-day by the newspapers that he has been promoted to be managing editor of the paper. I have had some pleasant letters from him and I also sent him a copy of your Story of My Life for revision. I was very much pleased that his corrections were mainly of typographical errors and with what he said in praise of my own portion of the work. It will always be a pleasure to me that I was enabled to connect my work with yours.

Mr. Hurd of our firm has just gone to Europe with his family and will be I presume at Menton[e] this winter. There also is my brother and his family. I wish much that your travels took you there again and that you might see them. I shall hope to write to you soon again when the half yearly settlement is made. Meanwhile believe me with true regards in which Mr. Houghton joins, and my family,

Ever faithfully yours


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