Dato: 28. oktober 1871
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cambridge, Mass. 28 October 1871


I received with pleasure the Norwegian paper which you sent me containing an account of the festival and Bjornson' s pretty verses, and now I have also your pleasant letter of 17 Sepr. from Rolighed, so that you are safe home again and with pleasant memories of your northern trip. Meanwhile I had already written you on the 7th of last month, enclosing your half yearly copyright money, and I hope the letter reached you promptly and with its enclosure safe. I see by my Danish paper that you are to contribute a little story "Spørg Amagermoer" to the Illustreret Børneblad. May I not see it in advance? and will you do me the favor to ask Reitzel to send me the periodical for a year if the funds in his hands from me will warrant it?

Now let me hope that your Norway trip has left you in such good spirits and with such zest for travelling that you will listen seriously to a proposition which your publishers here desire to make. So many people would be made happy by a visit from Andersen to America that we mast earnestly hope you may be induced to come over now and spend at least six or eight months. y our publishers will most gladly charge themselves with the expenses of your passage to and from America and will entertain you in their own homes in Cambridge and New York just as long as you will do them the honor to visit them: nor can we doubt that wherever you travelled in America you would find doors fly open at your approach.

I do not go into details as to your journey in the country. You will find the winter season the brightest for visiting in our Atlantic cities, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington & further South if you desire. As spring comes on you would enjoy going further West and you know you can whizz across to San Francisco in a week.

Now do not regard this as a mere polite invitation, but take it into serious consideration. The voyage will soon be over and then with solid earth under your feet you can look forward to uninterrupted pleasure.

Let me hope soon to hear from you on this, and believe me, dear Sir,

Ever faithfully your friend


I hope you have before this received the package containing the final volumes of your series of writings.

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