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Dato: 7. september 1871
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cambridge, Mass. 7 September 1871


It is a long while since I have heard from you, and indeed I myself have spent the summer almost without a letter to you. I had a message the other day from you through Mr. Louis Bagger85 of Washington and was heartily glad to get it. I hope you are carrying out the plan which I know you entertained, of travelling this summer in Norway, and that we may have the tree shaken for us when you come home.

Day after to-morrow (9. Sept.) we expect to publish the final volume of the series of Pictures of Travel, to include &In Sweden/& "The Hartz Mountains," and some short sketches, "Ragatz" "Oberammergau," etc. which I translated. After some reluctance we have concluded that it is not expedient at present to attempt any publication of poetical selections. It is so exceedingly difficult to get any good translation of poetry that we feel your reputation would not be advanced by such publication as we could give. I have hoped from time to time that I might myself be able to do this work, but abundant occupation seems to make this impossible.

The series then comprises ten volumes and you will receive shortly the copies due you to complete your set. It is a great pleasure to me to think that this enterprise has been fortunately brought to a close. Yet it would be still more pleasant to receive new and fresh volumes from your pen. I enclose a statement of copyright due you on the volumes preceding this last and two drafts, one on Sampson Low, Son & Co. London for £ 33/6/5 and the other on Brown, Shipley & Co. for, [ £] 19/14/ -the amount due you on the statement.

We have had a pleasant summer here, and now the autumn is coming-may we not begin to think of having you here with us this winter? Some time since you kindly sent me your photograph. Permit me to send mine. You see I belong to the next generation! the one brought up on your stories and warmly attached to you for them.

Your publishers desire their cordial greetings to you and I add my own

Dear Sir

Ever your attached friend


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