Dato: 8. juni 1871
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside Press, Cambridge, U.S. 8 June 1871

My dear Friend

I received duly your very kind letter of May 2d and ought sooner to have replied but this has been a very busy season and I have had much to do in attending to the daily work that comes to me. I am very glad to hear of the safe arrival of the books. Since they went we have published A Poet s Bazaar, and I am now engaged in. preparing the conclusion to Pictures of Travel. That volume contains the "In Sweden" and "The Harz Mountains" but as those two books together do not make a large volume I am translating and adding the short sketches which I find in volume 28 of your collected writings «Ragatz,» - "The Lion at Lucerne," "Oberammergau," etc. This volume however will not be published till next season, about Sep. 1. There will still remain the volume of poetical and dramatic works and I am much perplexed to know what to do about it as I do not feel much confidence in myself as a translator of poetry.

I have written to Messrs. Scribner & Co. to send you the April No. of their monthly which contains the completion of your Lucky Peer.

I fear there may be many errors in my translation of your Story of My Life, though I took great pains. I shall take it as a favor if you will note such others as you find and send them to me for future editions. Our senior partner, Mr. H. O. Houghton, will most probably go abroad soon and it is his intention in that case to visit Sweden and Norway I believe. He will take great pleasure in calling upon you. and I heartily hope you will be at home.

I do hope too, dear friend, that you will have a happy summer. Another year, and if you do not com e to America, I believe I must go to Denmark to see you!

Ever sincerely your friend


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