Dato: 3. februar 1871
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

My honored Friend,

I owe you many apologies for my delay in answering your very kind letter of the 20th Decbr. received a fortnight ago. And now I have a second favor from you, and I hasten to make reply.

And first of your books. Next week Saturday we expect to publish Stories and Tales, a companion volume to Wonder Stories and with that embracing all the shorter stories, except that I have restored to their respective places in the books of travel some of the little stories which originally appeared there. I have also myself translated and prefixed to the volume that account of your short stories which I find at the dose of the 27th vol. of the Copenhagen edition.

In a fortnight after that date we shall issue the long delayed Story of My Life which is now "on the press." Do not lose patience with us, dear friend, for the apparent slowness with which we work. Much needs to be done in the machinery of publication in our great country, which would not be required in a small one and we have regard only to the best success of this series.

Immediately after the publication of the Story of My Life we shall hope to send you a parcel containing all of the books excepting those which you have already had, and those which will follow The Story of My Life, namely - A Poets Bazar, In the Harz Mts, Pietures of Sweden, Dramas and Poems, Lucky Peer is appearing in monthly parts in Scribner' s Monthly as you already have seen, and I am very much pleased to hear your satisfaction with my translation. I am only sorry that I was often compelled to do hurriedly what I felt might be better done.. I presume that the April number will conclude the story.

And now let me thank you for your kindness in selecting the books for me. I have not seen any of them and should especially like to see anything of Goldschmidt's. Blicher's writings I should like to know and the Anthology of Hansen's would be an excellent thing for me. I should like also to see the Illustrated paper. I have thus far received only those which you sent me, containing the account of Thorwaldsen' s centenary and also the discreet review of Lucky Peer. You may subscribe for a half year if you please. If Mr. Reitzel will send me the books, addressing me

H. E. Scudder

care of

Hurd & Houghton

13 Astor Place

New York

I presume he can send them through some bookseller who is sending direct to New York. I have only left myself room to say hastily but heartily how very much I am indebted to you for all your kindness. Mr. Longfellow was in our office a day or two ago and begged me to send his kindest regards in which we all join. He will write you very soon himself.

Always with truest regard and admiration

y our attached friend


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