Dato: 15. september 1870
Fra: Robert Browning   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.


The third photograph which through your polite attention I have been presented with I value most highly, not only for the gratifying words which you. have been pleased to write on it, but as an excellent likeness of the most illustrious of Danish authors, whom I can scarcely look upon as an acquaintance of a few weeks ago, but as the friend of 22 years ago, for since the age of six years I have been very familiar with your works as translated in English.

I look upon it as one of the most fortunate events of my last visit to Denmark that I was able, however shortly, to meet you - and as one of the most unfortunate, that at the last hour I could not, as I had hoped to do, spare time to cll and bid you my most respectful farewell. In the course of my life I have travelled much in many remote parts of the world, but whether it was in the backwoods of America, in the sunny valleys of California, amid the snow peaked Cascade Mountains, under the shadow of the great Rocky Mountain range, on the Western Prairies, in the warm West India Islands, or in icy Greenland, I have found the name of Hans Christian Andersen as familiar and as much loved by groups of happy children as in Denmark, Germany, France, or in my native Scotland

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