Dato: 26. april 1870
Fra: George Bell   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

London. York Street, Covent Garden. April 26, 1870.

Dear Sir,

We have sent to you by book post today a copy of each of the volumes of our translation of your Tales. The 2nd volume which we have recently published we imagined that you had already received. At Herr Otto Speckter's request we sent a copy for you, through him, but possibly it has not reached you.

Many of the translations in the latter volume are by Miss Augusta Plesner, but recently, owing to an unfortunate misunderstanding with her about the copyright of &The Dryad' we have been obliged to avail ourselves of other assistance.

We should be very glad if we could make some arrangement with yourself, by which we might receive the proof sheet of your stories before they are published in Denmark.

We have noticed in an American periodical two stories called &The Court Cards' and &Luck may lie in a pin'. Have these yet been published in Copenhagen? If so we should be greatly obliged if your publisher would forward them to us. We are, dear Sir,

Very faithfully yours,

Bell and Daldy

G. B.

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