Dato: 23. januar 1870
Fra: Rebecca Spring, f. Buffum   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Eagleswood, Perth Amboy, N.J.

Jan 23 1870

My dear friend.

Ms. Marcus and I were returning from pleasant visitings in New York, he found at his office, and we brought to our house two old friends in new dresses The Improvisatore, and The Two Baronesses - your kind gift. I cannot tell you how welcome they were - how happy we were to hear from you in this delightful way - or how we shall enjoy sitting down with them and having them lift over their stories in their own charming manner.

These books have been delayed for the publishers note, saying you had requested him to send them is dated Oct. That is why we are so late in thanking you.

I hope dear friend that the winther is touching you lightly - here it / is more like spring than Winther. Our house is gently warmed by steam, but we are sitting with doors and windows open. Out of the doors the buds are swelling into life and look almost ready to blossom, green heads are up out on the ground and if a branch of a tree is cut they flowers. I was telling dear Mr. Bryant about it, and he said "It must be stopped!" But alas - we have no control over the seasons and if we had we should not profitable direct - so wisely as our father does - and it may be not always so kindly, for He maketh his sun to shine upon the evil, and the good, and sendeth rain upon the just, and upon the unjust.

I am always glad, and especially since taxes have them increased by the war, if the Winter is mild and the poor people saved expense in fuel, and enabled / to work. A large brick factory above us on the Bay has stopped Work to make change in manchinery Thus throwing many Danes, and Irish men out of employing. They come to us for Work, and in giving it to hem we are also improving our place - two good Things. We only wish that we could employ them all.

A poor man came the other day, and when I understood his name was Hans, I thought he was a Dane, and I gave him Work, and a Loaf to take home - and behold he turned out to - be only a Dutch John. Still, though he is not a Dane he shall have Work, if heworks well, and thoug not so intesting as / Hans, he will do as honsest - John. But I must finish - so that the first mail shall take this to let you know - as well as my few poor Words can hold highly. We appreciate all your loving kindness, and how you st up them in the far North in the place of the beloved friend we have both lost. And I always feel in all you do for us a proof of your love for our precious Frederika - who served much good and that is now growing - and in all that we do or suffer for the truth we are brought nearer to her - to you - and to alle true workers in the ... of dear Lord.

May the best Blessings Our Father can give ever rest upon you.

With love from us and our children.

Your friend

Rebecca B. Spring.

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