Dato: 31. juli 1869
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cam bridge, Mass. 31 July 1869

My dear Friend,

It is with real pleasure that I receive your letter of the 12th July, and I trust that you have before this received my letter announcing the safe arrival of the second and concluding part of the Ms of Mit Livs Eventyr.

I am very glad also to learn that a new story is on the way, and I hope it will come in season for our October number which is now going through the press. I had myself thought of printing not stories which have been published in England, but a few which have not hitherto been translated, such as "The Two Brothers," "The Wicked Prince," "The Phoenix" and some others, but on reading them I thought it would perhaps be better to publish them with the others in book form, as they were in some respects not so well adapted to magazine publication.

I thank you for the illustrated paper [Illustreret Tidende], which has not yet arrived. I shall read with pleasure what is said of your writing, and doubt not that the fresh publication here of your works will call out many careful and hearty expressions of opinion.

I am glad that you found so pleasant a rest after your work, and I hope for you a very pleasant journey to the Pyrenees. Our own summer season is now at its height, and I mean myself soon to go to our mountain district for a little recreation.

Your very kind expressions give me a true pleasure. Would that I could be one of those to greet you on the 6 September. You must put the white pin in your mouth. Perhaps it will have strength enough to draw your American friends to you. Of these no one is more heartily and sincerely your well wisher than

yours with high regard


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