Dato: 14. december 1868
Fra: George Bell   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

London. 4 York Street, Covent Garden. Dec. 14, 1868.

Dear Sir,

I have the pleasure of sending you by post a copy of the translation of your Stories which we have published during the last few months in our Magazine edited by Mrs. Gatty, (Aunt Judy's Magazine) and which we have now conected in a volume - and I enclose with this a cheque for 10£ as an acknowledgement for the honoured author whose works we have through Miss Plesner been able to receive promptly. I hope that the form in which I send this will be convenient to you and that you will be able to convert it without difficulty into solid gold. Miss Plesner has, I know, informed you of our desire to establish permanent relations with you, and to try if we can secure a copyright for your works in this country, by issuing them here translated before they are pubIished in Denmark. We are not sure that the law will support us, but we are prepared to try it if you can further our cause by postponing the publication till we can issue it here. Miss Plesner tells me that you contemplate paying a visit to this country next year. I should feel highly honoured if you would make my house your home for the time you are here, and if you come it will be an excellent opportunity for accomplishing the object I allude to, for you would unquestionably secure copyright for anything published whilst you are here.

Mrs. Gatty is very anxious to meet you and will be in London in the Spring if you come.

I wrote to you some time ago but know not whether you received my letter as you were abroad from Denmark, with reference to these points.

We have now on hand an edition of all the Stories that we have not hitherto published. I have employed Otto Speckter to illustrate them. I think you will be pleased with them. Miss Plesner is translating some. The remainder were done some time ago by Miss Peachey.

I am very desirous of possessing your photograph, perhaps for the purpose of engraving may I ask you to send me one.

We are hoping to have from Miss Plesner the last Story you sent her but I fear it will not be in time for our next magazine of January, we hope to have a further supply from you soon.

I am, My dear Sir, Yours very sincerely,

George Bell.

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