Dato: 13. oktober 1868
Fra: George Bell   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

York St. Covent Garden. London.

Dear Sir,

Oct. 13, 1868.

We beg to thank you, though rather late, for your M. S. account of a visit to Portugal and also the story, which were received quite safely and forwarded to Miss Augusta Plesner, at once, for translation.

The terms which we propose to Miss Plesner, and which we understand from her that you have accepted are as follows:

1. That we give you £5 per sheet (of 16 pp. 8vo.) on the first publication af any new article or tale by you.

2. That the translation is to be published in England by us before the original is published in Denmark or a translation in any other country.

3. That in case we succeed in establishing a claim to the sole copyright in England we will make you a further payment of £3 a sheet.

Will yau be so kind as to let us know whether you agree to these terms?

We are glad to hear from Miss Plesner that it is not unlikely that you may visit England next Spring. - We should in that case be proud to have the honour of a personal interview with you.

We are, Dear Sir, Yours faithfully, Bell and Daldy

G. Bell

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