Dato: 27. august 1868
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cambridge, Mass. 27 August 1868

Dear Sir:

I have been waiting to acknowledge your esteemed favour of 24th July, until I could write with more particularity upon certain points under consideration in it. I am unwilling, however, to delay longer, and take pleasure now in acknowledging the receipt of your letter with its two inclosures, of the copy of the Danish Illustrated News containing your story and also of the two stories translated by Miss Raaslöff, which have at last reached me, for all of which favours please accept my hearty thanks and give also if you will my respectful acknowledgments to Miss Raaslöff for her kind services.

We propose to begin at once the necessary correction and revision of the translation of your collected works and to prepare the edition with as much promptness as is consistent with accurate and thorough work. We cannot well begin the printing until this is partially done, and it seems best to us also as to you that the edition should begin with your biography translated from the Danish. I have not as yet ascertained whether I can procure here a copy of the larger Danish edition, and if I do not succeed I shall be obliged to ask you to forward it to me; but of this I will write again as soon as may be.-The account of the last thirteen years may properly dose the edition if it is published in successive volumes, but if collected in to one large octavo, which we propose; that is to say, one volume for the general works, one for the stories told for children: then it would seem best to present the Biography complete at the outset of the volume. If however you are not able to send this portion at present, it may be well to publish it in two sections.

We shall endeavor in all our relations with you to act in a manner most just to both parties, and shall in every possible way further your interests in America. With regard to the limitation of the agreement, it seemed wisest to set five years as the time, as that would allow a fair opportunity for testing the arrangement. At the dose of that time a new agreement can be made, or the old one renewed.

I have not yet received from my translator the new story but those sent by Miss Raaslöff give great pleasure and will be published at once. I anticipate with pleasure the receipt of other stories and beg that you will do us the favour to send them as fast as they are ready, as so much time is necessarily spent before they can fairly be printed and circulated.

I have today written to Oscar Pletsch18 the artist to see if we cannot manage to have him make drawings for your stories.

We shall regard your wishes as to the distribution of copies of your works and you may be assured of receiving several copies for your own use. I hope to write again shortly and remain, now as ever,

Dear Sir

Yours truly,


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