Dato: 21. august 1864
Fra: Marcus Spring, Rebecca Spring, f. Buffum   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

[Rebecca B. Springs håndskrift

Eagleswood Perth Amboy, N.J. Aug 21 - 1864.

Mr Andersen

Dear friend,

You were very kind indeed to aid us in our Sanitary fair for our wounded soldiers when the shadow of war was darkening your own land - now so happily passed. We rejoice in the peace, but regret that Denmark has lost so much territory. Dear Denmark is not so large that other nations need envy her any part of / her soil. We would forgive them if they only tried to gain her intelligence, love of art and of liberty - for taking these would not role her. It's in these the more we give the more we have.

May peace even more be in your life. And dear friend pray for us that - when we can with justice have peace - peace within freedom to all the inhabitants of the land. God will grant it to us also.

Please remind the pleasant friends we met in Denmark of us. And keep us so firm in your own thoughts that if we do not meet again in this life you will know us in the next.

God ever bless and keep you - farewell

Rebecca B. Spring.

[Marcus Springs håndskrift:]

My dear Sir,

Cordial thanks from me also with my apologies for not sooner acknowledgning your kindess. - We are very, very busy with our military school, now entering on its foruth year, under excellent auspices. I will send you prospectus. May we not some time hope to see you here? Very truly

your friend

Marcus Spring.

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