Dato: 15. oktober 1863
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

New Burlington Street. Oct. 15, 1863.

My dear Friend,

I hope you will be pleased with the manner in which I am about to publish

The Ice Maiden

There are 38 engravings from beautiful drawings by Zwecker. I have procured permission for you to dedicate the Work to Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales; and write at once to you that you may draw out the Dedication as you desire it to be couched.

My great Dinner Sale to all the London Booksellers will take place on the 3rd of November next month, when I shall show your beautiful book to them. Therefore I lose not one moment in writing to you for the Dedication which I ought to have by return of post.

I shall have the pleasure of sending you early copies, which I shall be pleased if you like my edition.

In haste to save the post, I remain, My dear friend,

Ever yours

Richard Bentley.

All my family desire to be most heartily remembered to you.

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