Dato: 27. juni 1863
Fra: George Linnæus Banks   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

I have the distinguished honour to lay before you the accompanying circular, and am desired to invite your eamest attention to the great object which it sets forth. - It is felt that the homage which is due to the memory of Shakespere should engage the attention of all c1asses of people in all parts of the world, but that the practical illustrators of literary life are especially called upon to concern themse1ves in paying tribute where tribute is due. We look to Ftance, Germany, Italy, Denmark, and every other state in Europe where the pen of the poet has awakened a responsive chord to unite with us in properly commemorating the 23rd of April next, and I am desired by the provisional Committee appointed to launch the great work to express a hope that you will allow your name to appear as heartily sympathizing with and approving our object - that name is "household" with us, and we would enjoy a living community of labour as well as of thought . . .

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