Dato: 28. september 1862
Fra: J. H. Drummund Hay   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Ravensrock, Tangier, 28 Sept. 62.

My dear Sir,

My sister-in-law Mrs. Marcussen has sent us the good tidings that you propose to visit this little corner of the world when yon pass through the Streights in the course of next month, and I write these lines to tell you it, will afford Lady Drummond Hay and myself the greatest pleasure if you will stay with us during your visit. - We are now living in a wild spot overlooking the Gibraltar Streights about three miles from Tangier and can give you and your friend a couple of rooms. About the end of next month we flit to Tangier, and as we expect some friends about that time we shall have only one room to offer you though we hope both you and your companion will be our daily guests. I need not assure you that we shall feel highly honoured if you will accept our invitation.

I remain, Dear Sir, yours very faithfully,

J. H. Drummond Hay.

P. S. Mr. Mathiasen will tell you the hest way of crossing the Streights.

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