Dato: 31. juli 1862
Fra: Anne S Bushby   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

3 Halkin Street, Grosvenor Place. London. 31 July, 1862.

Dear Mr. Andersen,

I received your kind letter introducing Fru Jerichau to me, and i beg to thank you very much for it, also for the volume af charming tales you were So good as to send me, containing Iisjomfruen, Sommerfuglen, etc. I saw our friend Mr. Bentley about them, he had reeeived a letter from you by Fru Jerichau, and he has agreed to publish the Tales as soon as I can translate them, which I hope now to do soon. I have not been able to read or write for some manths past, on account of the state of my eyes. Within 8 months I have had 3 operations performed upon one eye. The 2 first for the removal af Cataract called by the Germans "Staer" and the last for another complaint. I should probably have lost my sight in hands less skilful than those of the wonderfully elever young German oculist Dr. Mooran, who now resides at Düsseldarf on the Rhine. I was under his care in Germany for 3 months last Autumn, and for 3 weeks tbis spring, and was not allowed to use my eyes at all. But now they are much better, and I am rejoiced to be able to read and write a little again. You may depend on my doing my utmost to render your delightful tales as faithfully as possible into English.

Fru Jerichau's picture of you reading to her children has been much admired at the Great Exhibition. She could not have chosen a more Popular subject than the likeness of an author so much admired in England as yourself. We are all much pleased with Fru Jerichim; she is very clever and very amiable.

I hope you will spend your time agreeably in Switzerland, and in Spain. Next year, I suppose we shall have some Spanish tales from your flowing pen.

Mr. Bushby and my daughters unite with me in kindest remembrances to you, and I remain, dear Mr. Andersen,

yours most sincerely,

A. S. Bushby

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