Dato: 8. marts 1862
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

No. 14 East Twelfth Street New York 8 March 1862


I should not venture to write to you and send you my short critique of a portion of your works, li your countryman Christian Hansen of Boston had not asked me to do so, assuring me that I should thus give you pleasure; for so many better minds must have reviewed your stories both in Europe and in America that I thought you would only smile at my contribution, caring little now for criticism from an unknown writer.

But at Mr. Hansen's advice I send the Review, glad if I may give any pleasure to one who has been among the choicest of my book-friends and who is indeed something more than a bookfriend for that implies a friendship resting In the books, but I have moreover a personal feeling of friendship as for one I have known by personal acquaintance. When a child I read your stories-all of us American children do - and now when I take them up again, and read them with a more critical mind they are tome more full than ever of beauty and holy truth; and I wished no better introduction to the public as a young author than that which should come thus in the older company of yourself.

You have many friends in America, Herr Andersen, like myself who have grown up your friends, but who have slight opportunity of showing to you their love. Take this critique, dear Sir, not as my voice alone but as the exponent of many minds who would most heartily agree with me in my estimate of your art, however much they might differ from me in minor points. I should like to say more but I feel that it would be unbecoming. Receive this poor letter for what it is a little post-script to my article, &private and confidential in which I can say frankly what as an author I could not so well say in print. I assure you it is with no small pleasure that I write thus to one who has doubtless many honourable insignia, but who is to me and to all my fellow children in America, young and old, simply Hans Christian Andersen, best of story tellers.

You will I am sure pardon my presumption in writing and believe me, Ever, Dear and Honoured Sir,

Faithfully yours


Accompanying this letter is sent a copy of the Nat Quarterly Review of New York for September 1861.

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