Dato: 23. februar 1861
Fra: Anne S Bushby   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

3 Halkin Street, Grosvenor Place, London. 23rd Feb.ry 1861.

My dear Mr. Andersen,

I did not receive your letter of the 28th Dec., 1860, until this month (February) when Frue Bojesen enclosed it to me from Odense. I have written to that lady to say that I shaH be happy to make her acquaintance when she comes to London, and to do anything in my power for her. The severity of the weather has detained her in Denmark, she says, but she expects to visit France and England in Spring.

I was surprised to hear that you had returned to benmark for the winter, and hope this letter will reach you before you commence your traveis South again.

I called on Mr. Bentley and gave him your message about Illustrations (Billeder) for your last volume of Tales, and also about the 2 copies you wished.

Bentley told me that he would write to you himself, and it was agreed that he should send his letter for me to enc1ose in mine to you. I have been waiting for this letter, but it has not come, and at length, I have received a note from Mr. Marsh, written by direction of Mr. Bentley, which I send you. You will perceive that Mr. Bentley is under the impression that there are woodcuts in your original Danish edition of the Tales, pub.d in England under the name of "the Sandhills of Jutland", and that it would be easy, and not expensive to have these introduced into the English edition.

I do not think that the Danish work is, as yet, illustrated; and, of course, it would be somewhat expensive to have illustrations made on purpose by an Artist in Copenhagen. I would not advise your making any arrangement with an Artist, until you have written to Mr. Bentley, and received his answer. If you do not feel inclined to write Mr. Bentley in English you can write the answer in Danish, and send it to me, and I will translate it for Bentley. Entre nous - he seems to have a dread of expense.

I am much obliged to you for the volume of your tales in German, entitled "Aus Herz und Welt", which contains your interesting visit to Dickens. I saw it (the visit) reviewed, with extracts translated, some time ago in an English periodical I do not know by whom.

I should have been very happy to have translated your charming account af the Sacred Drama at Ammergau; but the Danish newspaper, which contained it, was so long of reaching me, that two accounts of it had been already published; and in the "Times" and another, a very minute and, in "Macmillan's Magazine for October", so that a third account would unfortunately have been de trop.

Your last beautiful tales have been exceedingly admired and are very popular.

Mr. Bushby and my family unite with me in kindest remembrances to you - and believe me, dear Mr. Andersen,

yours most sincerely,

A. S. Bushby

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