Dato: 6. august 1860
Fra: Anne S Bushby   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

3 Halkin Street, Grosvenar Place, London, 6 August, 1860.

Dear Mr. Andersen,

I hope you will be able to read my English letter, for though I read and understand Danish, I cannot attempt to write it. I have had the pleasure of receiving your agreeable letter of 29 July from Brunnen in Schweitz - and hasten to reply to it. I am very much surprised that my letter ta you, telling you of the success of your new book, has not reached you. I wrote to you as soon as I knew haw it was received in England - and sent you the review in the Athenæum, which was full af praise of you and your writings. I cut out that part of the Athenæum for you, also the Review in "the Leader" another periodical - which was most favorable. As you did not give me the address in Copenhagen, of Excellensen Collin - I enclosed my letter to Messrs Melchior, leading merchants in Copenhagen and begged them to send it to Mr Collin. They wrote back that my letter was safely sent, to Mr. Collin - so it is his fault if you have not got it.

On the 29th of June I forwarded a copy of "the Stories from the Sandhills of Jutland" to you - "H. C. Andersen" - to the care of the bookseller Hr. Wiedemann at Leipsic - and paid the carriage of it. I sent it through the "Continental Daily Express Parcels Agency" and got a receipt for it. This also you ought to, have received. You desired me to send a copy to Leipsic. Another copy I have sent, addressed to you - to the care of Excellency Collin, Copenhagen. It went through the Danish Embassy - Mr. de Bille, the Danish Minister in London, whom I know, having been so kind as to forward it. Mr. Bentley sent a copy each to Baron Hambro and Charles Dickens. I have written him that you wish a copy sent to Miss Coutts and to Markus and Rebecca Spring, Eaglewood, New York. But he has not answered my note. I gave him all your messages.

I congratulate you, dear Mr. Andersen, on the gratifying reception you met with at Rendsborg - it must have been delightful to you to see yourself welcomed with so much enthusiasm. I am also happy to hear of the honors that have been paid you elsewhere - and hope that your "Reise" will be a succession of triumphs. Your new Eventyr and stories are very much admired in England. I should think the book must sell well.

I think you must have been very tired of the representation of the life of Christ - when it lasted so many hours - and I agree with you that it is not a subject for the theatre. The history of Jesus Christ should be too sacred for that.

You must excuse so short a letter for I have been very ill for 5 weeks, and am going into the country tomorrow for change of air. Hr. Goldschmidt of Copenhagen, the Jewish Author, was in London for some days, and called on me - but I was not able to see him.

I hope you may have a very pleasant tour, whether you go to Italy or not. I shall always be happy to receive a letter from you.

Mr. Bushby and my son and daughters join me in kind remembrances to you - and believe me, My dear friend,

Yours most sincerely,

A. S. Bushby.

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