Dato: 25. juni 1857
Fra: William Jerdan   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Bushey Heath, Herts, 25 June, 1857.

My Dear friend,

Learning from the Newspapers that you are again in London I cannot resist the wish to hear of your "whereabouts", and to have the great pleasure of meeting you occasionaIly during your stay. I am, unfortunately, farther from Town than when we used to be much together on your former visit, and am besides at this moment confined to my Cottage by indisposition; but I hope to be able to go out within a few days, and to make some arrangement for seeing you. I observe that you are with our mutual friend, C. Dickens, to whom I had the gratification of making you personally acquainted; and I rejoice in your sojourn under such congenial auspices. Your riper fame and his universal connections will no doubt lead to the full occupation of your time, but still I look to your Portrait now before me with the loved inscription "the excellent kind hearted Jerdan from his true friend H. C. Andersen" and trust not to be forgotten, though more out of the busy world, and having to lament the loss of several distinguished parties whose hospitalities we so cordially enjoyed in company together.

Pray convey my kindest regards to your host, and believe me, My Dear H. C. A., always

Your ardent Admirer and hearty Friend,

W. Jerdan

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