Dato: 6. juni 1857
Fra: Hubert Smith   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

6th June 1857. St. Leonards, Bridgnorth. Shropshire, Angleterre.

My dear Sir,

I hear it is your intention to visit this country during the present summer, should such be the case I trust I shall yet have the pleasure of seeing you in this picturesque part of England.

I am going at the end of this month to Paris and then to Switzerland but shall return from my excursion towards the end of August; I shall therefore be at home during September and October, and I trust I shall have the pleasure of seeing you here and giving you a hearty welcome.

There are many admirers of Hans Christian Andersen in this Neighbourhood, but should you prefer a quiet visit, be it so. If you come I hope you will write previously, and I will arrange to meet you at the nearest Railway Station, which is about 10 miles from hence.

I see you have again published and I reserve to myself the pleasure of reading it abroad, whither I shall take it with me for perusal.

I was much pleased with your kind present the "Poet's Day Dreams". It has been much appreciated by those friends to whom I have lent it. It is a meditative Book full of those true vibrations of the heart which have melody to thoughtful minds. I trust if you come you will stay a fortnight or three weeks, it is scarcely worth coming for less time, and you can here frame your observations uninterruptedly, if you prefer it in calm quietude, for mine is a pleasant residence overlooking the bank of the river Severn, and I reside alone. Trusting you are well.

Believe me to remain, Dear Sir, Very truly Yours

Hubert Smith

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