Dato: 23. maj 1857
Fra: Anne S Bushby   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

3 Halkin Street, Grosvenor Place. London. 23 May, 1857.

My dear Mr. Andersen,

I have many thanks to return you for your kind letter, to which I would sooner have replied had I not been so fully engaged in translating your charming work, "At være eller ikke være". I begged my son to give you a message from me, which he tells me he did. I write now in haste, to ask if you wish any Dedication attached to your new work.

Mr. R. Bentley told me, when he asked me to undertake the translation; that you intended to dedicate it to Mr. Charles Dickens. The Translation is finished, and I have called at Mr. Bentley's for the dedication, which is all that is now wanting. But I am told you have not sent it over. If you wish to give a Dedication, will you be so good as to send it, either to me or to Mr Bentley, New Burlington Street, as soon as possible, and as it will doubtless be in MS, will you be so kind as write in this character, which we use in England, for though I read Danish print, I am not so familiar with the written character.

I trust your admirable work will be as successful as it deserves to beo Hoping to have the pleasure of seeing you, when you come to London

Believe me, dear Mr. Andersen,

Yours most sincerely,

A. S. Bushby

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