Dato: 12. marts 1857
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

New Burlington Street. March 12, 1857.

My dear Friend,

I had the pleasure to receive a portion of the manuscript of your work "To be or Not to be" and lose no time in writing to you, to assure you that the translation is so very bad, as to misrepresent your ideas, and to render it quite, absolutely - necessary to revise it from beginning to end. It would be a grievous pity to put out your new book in such an imperfect translation. Let me beg you to consider this; for the success of the book in an English dress mainly depends on the way it is rendered. Far better let me get the translation done here.

There are many persons readily to be met with here, who will do this admirably and moderately.

Your "Fairy Tales", so justly admired, were gracefully translated, but believe me, Mr. Beckwith's translations are inadequate. This is the absolute fact. I ean have no unpleasant feeling towards Mr Beckwith, except that he does not translate adequately. This the English public will not endure - it would destroy all the charm of the best author's writings. Pray think of this immediately, as time is running fast away, and let me hear from you.

When are you likely to visit us this summer? I mention this, because towards the autumn I may be rambling about, and also looking out for a new house.

Trusting that it will not be long before we meet, I remain, My dear friend, Very sincerely yours

Richard Bentley

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