Dato: 12. december 1856
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

London. New Burlington Street. Dec. 12, 1856.

My dear Friend,

I cannot express to you the pleasure of a letter from you gave me. It is now so long ago. I am also glad to find that your health has enabled you to give the world another production from your pen. It will give me great pleasure to publish this new work, for which I beg to propose the following terms for your acceptance. I suppose the work will extend to 2 vols like in size to the Two Baronesses, and in that case I would place at your disposal £75 for the first edition of 750 copies; and a proportionate sum according to the number which may be printed of any subsequent edition of the Work by me.

I shall advertize it among my numerous announcements for the new year. And now let me say how delighted we shall all be to see you again in Old England, where in feeling if not quite in the matter of language you had become an Englishman. I shall see Mr. Dickens in a day or two; and I know how gratified he will feel at your intended visit to him. Since you were among us I have become a grandfatl1er, my eldest son having married and his wife presented me with a grandson, whom I hope to introduce to you. And when you come l trust you will be able to find time to spend a few days with me.

I shall now look forward to the pleasure of seeing you here as a settled affair, and you will be received by all your friends with the cordiality your good heart so justly merits.

Believe me to remain, Yours always,

Richard Bentley.

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