Dato: 25. oktober 1852
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

New Burlington Street. Oct. 25, 1852.

My dear Friend,

Your letter of the 20th inst. reached me this day, and I lose no time in replying to it. I thank you heartily for the frank and generous manner in which you treat the matter of business, always as you observe, an irksome thing between friends. But it is quite impossible to misunderstand you, and you always deserve to be treated with the same frankness and kindness you yourself manifest. Unfortunately for us the present state of the law of copyright gives us no proteetion against pirates, and I was threatened soon af ter the publication of Pictures ol Sweden with a rival edition. This passed away for a time; but I have now reduced the price of our book to five shillings. The value therefore of the remaining copies is materially reduced. Atter giving the best consideration to the matter in my power, I have resolved to send you, (anticipating that I may eventually sell them) a little more than £15 in addition to the sum due to you, making it up in fact to £40. This will be paid to Baron Hambro on the 18th next month. I know your kind heart will be assured that I have done the best in my power.

Now with regard to the book the translation of which you propose to send me. In confidence, and it is a delicate thing to say to one friend of another, the translation of Pictures of Sweden was so faulty as to oblige me to have it corrected as it passed through the press. I would prefer, then, that you sent me the original, and I will incur the expense in the first instance of the translation. It is, I assure you, half the battle to have a work well and adequately rendered. And if Mr Beckwith translates, it will be to be again corrected, which is never satisfactory. Patched work is never so go od as work done thoroughly by a good and practised hand. Think of this, and let me hear from you soon.

God bless you! my dear Friend, may health and happiness ever be with you. I gave up my place at Sevenoaks some time ago; but wherever I should be when you next visit Old England if above ground I shall always be delighted to see you. All my family join with me in kindest regards to you,

and ever believe me to be, Yours sincere friend,

Richard Bentley

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