Dato: 23. august 1852
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Aberystwyth n. Cardigan. Aug. 23, 1852.

My dear Friend,

It is now so lang a time since I heard from you, that in my quiet retreat here I devote a few moments with great pleasure thus, to converse with you though so far apart. I have come to this remote part, North Wales, to endeavour to reestablish my health, which had suffered latterly, and have, thank Heaven, derived great benefit from its bracing air and a comparative abstinence from the wears of business. After spending three months in the country I shall return to London at the end of the present month. Before I left town, I received a visit from a Danish sculptor and his painter-wife, who promised to bring me a volurne published by you. I offered my service to them, but they never returned, so that I was unable to be of any use to them. This I much regretted, because they were friends of yours. I was very ill at the time.

Well, I am delighted to hear af the great improvements likely to take place in Copenhagen. The introduction of gas, water pipes etc. will effect a great change. We are all taking interest in the lndustrial Exhibition at Copenhagen. But the Steam Boat Company, that is the thing, which will bring us dase together. Copenhagen and London, my dear friend, will then seem to be joined together! I hail this as a most important and valuable thing for both countries.

Let me hear from you when you have leisure. an my return to town, I will have the matter af business taken into, and will write to you again an them.

All my family join with me in kindest remembrance to you. I trust this letter will find you well and restituted in Copenhagen.

God bless you, my dear friend.

Always yours sincerely,

Richard Bentley

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