Dato: 23. august 1848
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

New Burlington Street. August 23, 1848.

My dear Friend, Last evening I received the last (or 3rd) portion of the "Two Baronesses", completing the work; and I lose not a moment in acquainting you with its safe arrival. I very much regret to find the work so much Jess in extent to the "Improvisatore". I shall scarcely be able to make two volumes of it - it may probably make 2 volumes of 300 pages with only 22 lines! The English public dislike this scantiness, and it never fails to have a bad effect - I would not have minded more expense to myself. Is it possibJe to add anything new? I fear not. If anything should suggest itself to you, I should feel greatly obliged by your writing to me immediately.

With regard to the Dedication, I cannot but fe el much gratified by your suggesting the dedication of it to myself. It is a public evidence of that friendly intimacy between us, which at the same time that it is honorable to me, is not likely to disserve the book. The inimitable Ingoldsby with similar feeling dedicated to me on two occasions his universally popular Legends. I will send a copy of these Legends to you through the Danish Ambassador, Count Reventlow.

As soon as The Two Baronesses are issued I will send copies to you. Let me know also to whom I shall send copies here from you.

I will also communicate to you any notice which may appear of the work.

Let me hear from you when you have time and believe me to be My dear Friend

Yours with great sincerity,

Richd. Bentley.

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