Dato: 18. august 1848
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

New Burlington Street. August 18, 1848.

Dear Friend,

Two packets of your new Work have now safely reached me. I shall be glad to receive the remainder of it, as I propose to publish here about the 20th Sept.

With regard to a dedication, I hold them to be of little, or rather no value. If you wish it, however, perhaps a few lines by way of preface to your friends in England, would be well.

When your leisure shall permit of your giving me particulars of the gallant struggle of your noble countrymen against their base invaders I shall be glad to have it, - such, I mean, as you would like to see published in my Miscellany.

How the world has been overturned with newfangled notions since we met! And how much blood and treasure expended - for what? May Heaven send peace again upon the Earth, and plant in the hearts of men the love of one another, not this wish of the Devil!

God bless you! All my family desire to be most kindly remembered to you.

We have just lost two authors of eminence, Capt. Marryat, the author of Peter Simple, and Sir Harris Nicholas, the author of History of the Royal Navy.

I had an opportunity whilst staying at Knebworth with Sir Bulwer Lytton of mentioning your name. He regretted not having seen you. I shall anticipate what you would write, I think, and send him an early copy of your new work from you

Yours most sincerely,

Richard Bentley.

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