Dato: 6. maj 1848
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

New Burlington Street. May 6, 1848.

My dear Friend,

It is now a long time since I had the pleasure of hearing from you, and such startling events have happened since you wrote, that I should be glad to hear you were well, and not prevented by the grave public occurrences about you from pursuing your intellectual labours. I read with real delight an authentic letter from you in the Literary Gazette, in which your own warm heart manifested itself. Denmark has the heartiest good will of England; I trust she will be able to hold her own, and stem the torment of these German anarchists. One sickens at the continual repetition of the cowardice in high places, which might have crushed those monsters at their birth. A friend to liberty, like all my countrymen, I abhor the rule of the mob - the scum, the vaut riens! In Paris - in Berlin - they might and would have been demolished but for the cowardice I speak of; and then you would have heard nothing of the revolt of the Holsteinians etc. I should like to see these gentry get a sound drubbing! If your leisure permit, I shd. much like to get a paper from you like that in the Lity. Gazette, of the progress of events.

When am I likely to hear from you on the subject of your new Work of Fiction?

Let me hear from you. Always, my dear friend, Yours most sincerely, Richard Bentley.

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