Dato: 4. april 1848
Fra: William Jerdan   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

The Literary Gazette Office. 5, Catherine St., Strand.

April 4, 1848.

My dear Friend,

I was delighted with your letter of the 17th - a calm enjoyment in these stormy times. Your anecdotes of the good King were very interesting to me; and I believe most sincerely in the prophetie mission of the Crane. If omens are ever to be permitted, it is assuredly a period like that in which we live that would call them forth. J wish there was one to forebode your coming again to London soon; but, alas, there seems to be no hope.

On Saturday Durham sent off your bust and Jenny Lind's, safely packed: so that they will reach you and be placed in the Exhibition this Season. He has just finished one of me; but is wroth with my "flexible countenance", as he calls it, and cannot satisfy himself with the likeness.

I wrote to Dickens what you said about him; and as I am to dine with him next Tuesday (A Dombey Dinner), we shall have your health remembered in a Carouse, such as the King drank to Hamlet.

To Lady Blessington I also communicated your kind message, and she writes in return, "I have seldom felt so strong an interest in any person of whom I saw so little; for he interested me as being quite as good as he is clever, and of how few authors eould we say this! Will you offer him my thanks for the book which I duly reeeived, but which 1 believed was sent me by the Publisher, and not from our friend. I shall now prize it still more. I will greatly value the little story which Hans Andersen so kindly offers, and only hope it will arrive in time for the Keepsake. We go to press in May, but if the M.S. comes before the end of June it will be in time. Perhaps when you write to him you wd. do me the favour af saying this, when offering him my kindest regards and thanks."

So much for our charming Lady; and now I have nothing to add but that I hope you will gratify me with a letter whenever you can spare the time, and tell you that the impression you left in my little domicile does not wear out at all, but yr. portrait, your looks, your kindly and affectionate manners are stored in a manner that years will not efface.

We all love you, My dear friend, Yours,

W. Jerdan.

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