Dato: 17. januar 1848
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

New Burlington Street. January 17, 1848.

My dear Sir,

Your letter of the first instant reached me on Saturday the 15th. I hasten to set your mind at ease with regard to the Christmas Greeting. By means of some stories sent for my Miscellany by Mr. Beckwith, I was enabled to make out an extremely small volume which I could not sell at the price I ought to have done. In other words, I was obliged to sell my little work to the public at 3/6 instead of 5/-. However, your wishes were carried out quite as well as if you had been present, and your friend Mr. Dickens had two copies - the earliest I could send. Your wishes with respect to copies of Improvisatore etc. I will see punctually carried out.

To whom shall remit the £:30 for Christmas Greeting?

With great sincerity I reciprocate your wishes for the New Year! May you win fresh laurels, and render your name even more celebrated than it is. In England you have won "golden opinions". To those who have the great pleasure, like myself, of knowing you personally your wel¬fare and fame will always be a matter of great interest.

My family all desire to be most kindly remembered to you.

Your faithful friend, Richard Bentley.

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