Dato: 23. november 1847
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.
New Burlington Street. Nov. 23, 1847

My dear Sir,

I need scarcely assure you how heartily welcome ws your very kind letter of the 14th. I read it immediately after its arrival to my family, who were delighted to hear good news of one who has so eompletely endeared himself to them all. I shall not forget your messages of kindness to Mr. Morgan and Dr. Taylor. My dear Sir, you have beeome almost an Englishman - your letter is positive proof of this, and whilst I read it can fancy you by my side. May every good be with you! And may you live long to add fresh laurels to a reputation, now generally acknowledged and appreciated in Old England as well as the land which gave you birth! These are not compliments - they are expressions of the heart! It is one of these never-to-be-effaced gratifications to me, whieh occur so seldom in life, that I may be ranked among the friends of Hans Christian Andersen!

I quite comprehend your feelings with respeet to the "Hartz Travels"; still, I think your decision very judicious, for if the work is to be published, it is better that it should appear in the form you most desire, than that it should be given just as it is. I willingly take it up, since it is to be done with your approval - without that, on no account would I publish it. In consequense of your letter I have at once announeed it again to prevent competition.

The incidental notices of England in your new work, will no doubt give it additional interest here.

With regard to your Christmas Book, I shall have much pleasure in taking it at the sum you mention, £30. Perhaps you will immediately send it to me, as it is necessary to put it into the printer's hands without delay. I shall announce it tomorrow, and hope to receive it within a few days. And now, my dear Sir, with the united kindest regards af all my family, believe me to be in all sincerity your faithful friend,

Richard Bentley.

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