Dato: 22. september 1847
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: Joseph Hambro
Sprog: engelsk.

Sept: 22. 1847.

Dear Sir,

I have been reflecting on the subject you so kindly gave for my consideration - the next work of our friend Herr Andersen and what I could offer him for it. At all times, a very difficult matter to arrive at a precise value, this difficulty is even increased by the present critical state of trade. Still, as you and my kind friend will give me credit for acting frankly, I will at once state my views.

I understand that the work for which I propose, is a prose romance, and that it will extend to two volumes, like his "Improvisatore". Moreover, that it will be presented to me in good translation into English, in time to be published here at least six months before it shall be published in Denmark or elsewhere. For this work, then, I am ready to give the consideration of Two hundred Pounds in the usual mode, namely in my Promissory Note at 6 months date from the delivery of the work in a fit state for the press. The first Edition I propose shall consist of 1000 copies. If I should succeed in selling them and be induced to reprint the work in the same form, I should propose to pay Mr. Andersen £50, and on the sale of the whole Edition, the final sum of £50. Thus making £300 in all.

It might so happen, however, that a second Edition in the same form and at the same price might not be prudent, but that I should be willing to reprint the book in my cheap Collection of Standard-Novels. In that event I should be willing to pay Mr. Andersen the sum of £50, which would give him in all £250 in this case.

Permit me to add, that in the event of a remarkable success, beyond what I can now reasonably expect, I shall not fail to place at Mr. Andersen's disposal a further participation in its success than what I above stated.

I have the honour to be, my dear Sir, Yours respectfully,

Richard Bentley.

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