Dato: 14. juli 1847
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

New Burlington Street. July 14, 1847.

My dear Sir,

I feel much honored by the flattering way in which you address [me], and gratified by the kind manner with which you received my endeavours to enduce to you my very sincere respect for you. We rely upon your promise to give us again the pleasure of seeing you at Sevenoaks. At any rate, as a comment to the gaieties of London the quiet of my home may possess some interest for you.

Make yourself easy with regard to the Journey to the Hartz Mountains. I will do nothing without your entire approval. Mr. Beckwith wrote to me about it, and Mr. Lohmeyer made him a proposition from me for it, as well as the Autobiography, which Mrs. Howitt has since translated. I shaH do nothing further in this matter without your consent, I repeat.

This morning I have been favoured by a visit from Mr. Hambro. The result of our interview no doubt he will communicate to you, and therefore I need not say one word on the subject.

Write me soon about your movements. My family beg to be most kindly remembered to you.

The lady (Mrs. Philips) wbom you met at my house is most anxious to present you to Mr. Mathew, a relation, if I understand correctly, of Madame Bornemann of Copenhagen. I told her that you were likely to visit us again, wben I sbould have the great pleasure in introducing you.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Bentley.

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