Dato: 19. juli 1845
Fra: Mary Howitt   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Lower Clapton, nr. London, July 19, 1845.


Will you allow me to offer you a copy of my translation of your Improvisatore? A gentleman going to Cpenhagen affords me the opportunity which I have long desired of expressing to you the intense delight we - that is my husband, myself and my daughter, have had in your works ever since we had the happiness of first becoming acquainted with them in Germany.

About three years ago I began the translation of Miss Bremer's works into English. They met with universal approbation and I hope have served no little to excite a friendly feeling of interest towards Sweden in the minds of my countrymen and country-women. But it was not Sweden alone which had rich treasures of literature - there was the same in Denmark, and even before Ingemann we placed the name of Andersen. In February this translation of your Improvisatore was published - and I am glad to say it has made you many friends. Your name is now an honoured one in England. I imagine that you read English and therefore will be able to enjoy your own labours in a new form. Ah, how beautiful is that book! Many and many are the tears which have been shed for the beautiful and unfortunate Annunciata!

I am sorry not to be able to send you a copy of "Only a Fiddler" and "O. T.", which will be published at the end of this month. I will, however, take an early opportunity of sending it to you. In the meantime, may I ask you to write to me and say if you are engaged on any new work - and tell us aIso, if you have no objection, anything concerning yourself - your life and your family - for though we are personaIly unknown you are and long have been a household friend.

I hope before long to translate your "Eventyr fortalte for Børn" stories which are equal to any fairy-tales that ever were told.

My husband and daughter greet you kindly. We cannot consider you as a stranger. Pray think of us as your friends.

I am, Sir, Yours truly,

Mary Howitt

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