Dato: 29. november 1874
Fra: Edmund W. Gosse   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

British Museum, London. Nov. 29th, 1874.

Dear and honoured Friend,

The appearance of a new edition of the English translation of Iisjomfruen gives me an opportunity of sending you, with the words I have written ab out it, another greeting from your friends in England. I hope you find yourself better and stronger than when I saw you in Copenhagen six months ago. I cannot tell you how much the joy of seeing you then, and hearing your voice once more, was tempered for me by the pain of finding you so changed and weak.

I see that a new illustrated edition of your Eventyr is announced to appear this winter. I hope it will bring you profit and pleasure. The message you received from the children of America81 must have gladdened you greatly. Dear poet, what a wonderful gift yours is, that speaks so directly to young and old, rich and poor, alike; other poets address a little group, your audience is all the world!

If you are well enough and can find time, will you write me a few words to let me know that you are better, and that you still remember,

your devoted

Edmund W. Gosse

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