Dato: 14. august 1872
Fra: H.C. Andersen   Til: Anna Mary Livingstone
Sprog: engelsk.

"Rolighed", Østerbro

Copenhagen 14 August 1872

My dear young friend!

It gave me much pleasure to receive your nice letter and to hear about your trip to the Hebrides. The Description was so fresh and lively that I imagined myself there. The greenstone enclosed in your letter fell among the gravel in the garden when I opened it and could not be found, I therefore beg you to send me a piece of the same kind in your next letter, I shall then take care of it and keep it, not only as a protection against dangers of the sea, but as a kind remembrance of my young friend. During the latter Days my mind and that of many many in Denmark has been occupied with the thought of your glorious father, whe have all rejoiced that he was still alive and had been found. Tears came into my eyes, when I read about Mr Stanleys meeting with him, and I felt inclined to embrace Mr Bennett for his words:/ "it is not a question of money, only find Livingstone.

When Papa comes home, Miss Mary will accompany him to Denmark, so my dear young friend wrote in one of her first letters to me, I wish my hope could be realized. All hearts and doors will be opened to you, and particularly, I can say so, of the Melchiors family, the home where I am spending my sommer. Their handsome Villa is situated opposite the sea, near Copenhagen. Your sister once paid me a visit there.

What a yoy it would give us all if your father amde up his mind to come and see our norhtern countires. Denmark is like a large English garden, Sweden and Norway remind one of Scotland.

Lucky Mary! to have Livingstone for a father, his name will live / in distant times to come, when railways will cross the lands where he with confidens in the Allmighty and for the good of mankind has been tried during many weary days and nights.

Lucky Mary! may God grant you and all your dearones a pappy meeting with your beloved father in Scottland. He will have many tales to tell, what will those I have created seem to be in comparison to the adventures that he has experienced. Do not forget to mention me to him when you embrace him, remember me, kindly to your dear aunt, who has been a mother to and has lived only for his children.

I hope soon to hear from you again, believe me dear little Miss Mary Livingstone your true and severe friend.

Hans Christian Andersen

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