Dato: 12. august 1871
Fra: Richard Bentley   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

7 Paragon, Ramsgate, Kent. Aug 12 [1871].

My dear Andersen,

It is now many years, I regret to say, since we last corresponded, but you have been very frequently in my thoughts with the warmest feeling of affectionate regard. Since we met Mr. Dickens has passed away. and many many others whom you knew in England, and in my own domestic circle my very amiable mother-in-law has passed away, and my own dear wife died very suddenly about six months ago, to my great grief, though to her eternal gain.

I myself have been completely crippled by several accidents and am now in the sear and yellow leaf, but my affection for you remains as strong, as true as ever.

I am reading at the present moment the very interesting "Story of your Life" published in America attached to an edition of all your works. I shall buy this edition for my own library.

I fear to think how long it is since we have corresponded. Pray forgive it on account of the many serious accidents with which I have met, one of which nearly cost me my life. I have been staying here for the last six weeks and shall probably stay some time longer before I return to St. John's Wood, but whether I be at 41, St. John's Wood Park, London N. W., or at 8 New Burlington Street, a letter from you will find me.

I trust you are fairly well. Anything about yourself will interest me, and I shall be heartily glad to receive a letter from so c1ose a friend.

I shall be happy to send you a packet of my new publications if you will tell me how I can best forward them to you.

I am indebted to my dear daughter, for at this moment I am unable to use my hands and legs, for addressing this letter to you.

I remain, my dear Sir,

Always your very affectionate friend,

Richard Bentley

P.S. Can't you send me a poem about a page and Temple Bar

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