Dato: 5. januar 1869
Fra: Horace E. Scudder   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Riverside, Cam bridge, Mass. 5 January 1869

Dear Sir,

"The Dryad" has come safely to hand and I have had it translated. It reached me altogether too late for separate publication until the Holiday season would be some time past, and with the Publishers' advice I inserted it in the February issue of the River side Magazine which will be published in about a fortnight. By this means the story will reach a wider audience with much greater promptness.

I enclose a Bill of Exchange on London (Brown, Shipley & Co) for 10 £ stg. (ten pounds) which l trust will seem to you a fair remuneration for the advance sheets of "The Dryad." I prefer to take advantage of your permission to fix the price here, in order that there may be no unnecessary delay in making payment, but if at any time the sum sent seems to you too small, I beg that you will at once notify me.

I hope that you received duly the letter which l wrote you the 3d December last, as well as the sheet of the magazine containing "the Court Cards," and the magazine itself. l trust that we may very soon receive another story, sent in the same manner as "The Court Cards," and l am looking also for the additional volumes of your works, which you spoke of intending to send, that l may complete arrangements for the forthcoming volumes.

With warm wishes for a Happy New Year, I am, dear Sir,

Faithfully yours, HORACE E. SCUDDER

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