Dato: 12. november 1868
Fra: H.C. Andersen   Til: Horace E. Scudder
Sprog: engelsk.


November 12, 1868.

Dear Sir:

I duly received your esteemed favour of the 22d ulto. for which I am much obliged.

I suppose the Danish edition of my complete works will have come to hand, it was sent about a fortnight ago, via Hamburgh, you will then easily find the most convenient way to divide the works. I have sent 24 Volumes and am going to send at the end of this month the last 4 volumes - together 28 - I don't think that not [sic] more than two or three of the dramatic works ought to be translated, for instance Hyldemo'er and The King Dreams - Of the poems a critical selection might be given in a good translation.

As for the novels, travel sketches, tales, sketching-book &c., do you say that you intend to compare the earlier English translations with I the original, and redress the faults. I am quite unacquainted with the literary relations between England and America, and do not know in how far English editions are allowed to be used, I will have no responsibility [for that]. It is true that they have translated my warks almost in all countries, very often without even asking my permission or sending me a copy. In England almast all my works, with exception of the poems and the dramatic works, have been published. in several editions and by different publishers, without allowing me any remuneration, with exception of Mr. Richard Bentley, who after having published The Improvisatore, O. T., Only a Fiddler for which I did not receive any remuneration, received from me an English manuscript af The Two Baronesses, In Sweden, To Be or Not to Be, which were paid [for]. Afterwards he took charge of the translation of the later works himself as for example In Spain, [and] The Tales with my permission, which were however not paid [for]. I mention all this because you say, that you will employ earlier translations, and then I think you must know this. I am too scrupulous not to mention all this, and I must add that in 1847 when the new edition was published of The Improvisatore the translator sent me £lO, as mentioned in the preface.

The remittance you sent me £17.19/2d is the first I ever received from America, this is quite satisfactory, nay I have some samples if there may not be a mistake. "The Court Cards" is the only tale written expressly for the American Magazine - I have it still in my dtawer till I see it published in America. The two tales sent by Miss Raasleff are new, but they are published in Danish, and I now see that one of them has been translated in Aunt Judy' s Magazine, you see I cannot prevent that others translate them. If, therefore, there [should] be a mistake, I may occasionally send another small tale, which has not been printed before. - I have just finished a greater [i.e., longer] tale; I consider it as one of my best, and it has a more general interest. It is »The Dryad,» a tale from the Exhibition in Paris 1867 - I fancy that I have given in that tale a lively sketch of the exhibition, and have tried to prove that our present time, the time of the engines, as many call it, is as poetical and as rich as an y age. This small book, 4 sheet, will soon be published by my publisher here, but I wish it published simultaneously in Paris (in French) - and in London and New York in English. In about a fortnight or perhaps before I may send proof-sheet to the different places, perhaps the Editors might wish to publish it in a small neat edition, as a New Years present. By getting the proof-sheet, you will be in possession of the work earlier that [i. e., than] it can reach America in any other way, and in the Danish Edition I may observe that it is going to be translated. Please to express my sincerest thanks and respect to my publishers-I am very much obliged to you for your kind invitation to pay you a visit, but I have not made up my mind to cross the Atlantic, though I should like to see your beautiful country.

With my kindest regards to you and your esteemed family,

believe me, dear Sir,

yours sincerely


P.S. Enclosed I beg to hand you [the] Bill of lading just received from Hamburgh, the books have been sent per Steamer Hammania [Rumania?], Capt. Emil Meyer, on the 2d November.

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