Dato: 20. januar 1868
Fra: Cassel, Petter & Galpin   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.
Ludgate Hill, E.C.

London 20th Jan. 1868

Dear Sir,

We shall be glad to know your terms for one continuous story or for at series of short stories for Children if you are in a position to supply any at present.

Your Fairy Tales are of course very well known to us, but we should be glad to have something from yhou direct if you can do it. We take special pains in the illustration of all works committed to our care and we think we can refer you with confidence to our publication as showing the status we have acquired in our own and other countries.

Hoping to have the pleasure of introducing still more widely to our countryment the works of one who is already a great favourtie.

We are, Dear Sir, Yours truly

Cassel, Petter and Galpin.

Ino Hamer

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