Dato: 4. juli 1864
Fra: J. H. Drummund Hay   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

Ravensrock, 4 July 64.

My dear Professor,

A translation of your wanderings "In Spain" has reached us, and we have also been charme d to welcome (especially in hot Africa) the "Ice Maiden". - We have all read both works with the greatest interest.

Lady Drummond Hay, Louisa and Alice have taken possession of your charming books to adorn their tables.

All the pretty things, you tell to gracefully of Ravensrock and its minister are very flattering, and under your auspices they are immortalized. It is very thoughtful and kind of you to have rememberred us, and my wife and children send their kindest regards and many thanks. Ravensrock looks more gay this year, for sweet flowers and shrubs now adorn our garden and the Rock. Never have my wife or girls enjoyed such health as this year thank God. Though we are in midsummer the Therm: stands at 76° Fahrt.

We are glad to have paid our visit to old Denmark last summer, before all the sorrow and misery caused by the ruthless Germans befell the brave Danes. - A diplomatist ought to hold his tongue, so I will say no more than that I wish England, as af old, would be more sparing in words and more daring in deeds. - Believe me,

Yours very sincerely,

J. H. Drummond Hay.

Professor Hans Andersen.

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