Dato: Maj 1864
Fra: Robert Bulwer Lytton   Til: H.C. Andersen
Sprog: engelsk.

[ca. Maj-Juni 1864.]

Dear Professor Andersen,

I fear that you must certainly think me either one of the Seven Sleepers, or else the most ungrateful of men.

But I trust you will pardon my temporary silence when I say. that, besides an almost overwhelming pressure of private as well as public business, I have been, for the last three weeks, in great and constant anxiety on account of the serious illness of my dear father; and that this alone has induced me from day to day to defer writing to, or calling on you.

I had, however, very reassuring news yesterday which has so greatly relieved my mind, that I can no longer delay to entreat. your acceptance of my warm and heartfelt thanks, for your kind letter, for the gift of your charming Comedy, and all those tokens of kindness which are doubly pleasant when received from a man like yourself. I am much flattered by your kind wish to have an autograph and Carte de Visite of my father, and I am sure that he will be so also. I wrote to him for his Carte de Visite immediately on recpt. of your letter, but owing to his very serious illness I have not yet been able to obtain it; I shall now write to him again and will, if you will allow me, send the Autograph with the Carte de Visite.

Pray believe me to be

Most faithfully and Admiringly Yours

Robt. Lytton

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